Five Three Two

“A Creative Journey.”

Jay Diaz is a graphic artist, who specializes in creating interlocking linear narratives. His illustrations are composed of thoughts and situations, directly referenced from his own life’s journey.

Diaz has produced custom designs for a wide-range of clientele spanning from traditional companies to non-profit agencies. Similarly, the usage is just as versatile. Various applications for his art include, but are not limited to, silk-screened apparel, canvas & prints, and limited edition merchandise.

With a growing catalogue, he welcomes the opportunity to work alongside like-minded individuals who seek to push further the quality and standards of their craft.

The illustrations I present are both tall tales and short stories inspired by thought and experience. 

Some images serve as personal reminders or ‘timelines’ once traveled while others stand solely on their own.

In either case the end result is my attempt to illustrate a visual language by tracing personal notes and ideas that call to mind.  

Art can also be appreciated simply by allowing that first impression to reveal itself. 

To experience any art form first-hand unfolds a unique personal message / moment forever owned by the viewer.